Dark Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol Levels

If you are looking for a healthy remedy to reduce the risk of Heart Diseases, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol levels it may be found in some everyday foods you would love to include in your diet anyway. As you may have guessed by the title, we mean dark chocolate and extra virgin olive oil. These two, when eaten in combination, have been shown to produce wonderful benefits.

According to the latest study, dark chocolate may be good for your health. It revealed that dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil may increase good cholesterol levels and help in preserving the repairing cells which play a critical role in maintaining the blood vessels.

Dr. Rossella Di Stefano, a cardiologist at the University of Pisa said that A healthy diet (Fruits and Vegetables exert their protective effects through plant polyphenols, which are found in olive oil, apples, and cocoa) is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The results showed that the chocolate enriched with olive oil was correlated with significantly higher levels of EPC relative to both the baseline and after consumption of apple-enriched chocolate after the 28 day period. Olive oil-enriched chocolate has also been linked with significantly increased lipoprotein or “healthy” cholesterol high density and reduced blood pressure relative to baseline.

“Our study suggests that extra virgin olive oil could be a good food additive to help preserve our ‘ repairing cells, ‘ the EPC,” noted the researchers. Di Stefano said, “We found that small daily portions of dark chocolate with natural extra virgin olive oil polyphenols were correlated with an enhanced cardiovascular risk profile”.

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