How to use Olive Oil for Toothache?

A toothache is one of the most common dental complaints and can be quite painful and debilitating. Usually without warning Toothaches can occur anytime, without any warning. If there is an infection in the tooth or gum, you may also experience redness around the affected area and swelling.

The sharp, throbbing pain may make you crazy, and if you don’t treat it immediately, you can lose your tooth. The pain’s severity can range from mild to appalling. Many may have chronic toothache as well. A toothache sends you scurrying to the dentist regardless of your gender or age.

It’s quite strange that toothaches usually appear at nights when most dental clinics are closed on weekends or holidays. The last thing you want to be told when you have this pain is that you’re going to have to wait a day or two before you can see a dentist.

You know the wait is going to be unbearable, so you won’t want to eat or talk to anyone during that time. All you want is to stop because of the hurt. Good home remedies are the best way to deal with a toothache. Yet note, the underlying problem is not solved by these home remedies for toothache. We are only going to provide relief from the pain.

Olive Oil for Pain Relief in Toothache

Most diseases that people suffer from have natural remedies. Societies have used essential oils and natural medicines to treat diseases and pains for decades. For that purpose, olive oil should be in all of our kitchens and medicine cabinets for all of the health benefits and repairs it can provide.

Live Oil often considered healing various commonplace illnesses many of us fall victim to sometimes. It is understood that olive oil protects against earaches, sprains, burns, gallstones, and toothaches. Olive oil is highly regarded as extending the lifetime of people who regularly drink it.

How do you treat a painful tooth with olive oil?

Although not widely known for it, olive oil can provide excellent relief for toothaches and oral pain. It only takes about ten minutes to use olive oil to cure a toothache. You can alleviate the pain by simply taking a tablespoon of olive oil and rubbing it around the tooth issue for about ten minutes. Ensure that the oil is distributed evenly around the tooth and in the gaps around it.

It’s simplicity itself, and it only takes ten minutes. Get an oil measure – about a spoonful of oil and put it in your mouth. Swallow it for about ten minutes around the mouth. (Hide this in the bathroom because you’re going to look remarkably stupid). The better you can do this the longer you can.

Puffin and out the cheek to get the oil around the tooth and ideally in the gaps between it and its neighbors. Then just spit the oil out. Using plain water as a mouthwash if you don’t like the oil taste in your mouth.

You Will Need

  1. Virgin olive oil
  2. Cloves oil or powder
  3. Cotton ball

What You Have To Do

— Dip the cotton ball in the oil and apply this on the affected tooth.

How Often You Need To Do This

— Repeat this twice or thrice a day to stop a toothache.

Steps Collect the necessary supplies and ingredients.

  • Squeeze a couple of drops of clove oil into your pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Use the clove oil to clean the swab or cotton pad.
  • Swipe the swab or ball gently around the area that trouble you. Or put the ball of cotton over the field.
  • Enable the oil to sit until it starts to work for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Ask for relief every 2 to 3 hours.

Why This Works

Virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties due to its phenolic compounds content. It reduces the toothache inflammation and provides relief.


It makes sense to use it mainly for cooking purposes, making it less aware of its healing capabilities. Olive oil has many functions, not only in a culinary context but also in a healthy lifestyle. he many vitamins and nutrients help the body heals quickly, and provides longevity. In the many regions where olive oil is heavily used, people who incorporate olive oil usage into their daily lives age quite gracefully. People who have learned to use olive oil effectively also don’t suffer from obesity or heart disease at a rate as high as those who haven’t learned to use it.
Understanding how to use olive oil can also result in less money being spent on pharmaceutical products and less pain for you. The earlier you can start learning how to integrate the use of olive oil into your daily routines, the healthier you are.

I’m not a dentist and it may depend on why the teeth are sore, but I haven’t had a toothache yet that can’t be worked out with a drug that I always have in my kitchen.

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